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iRestoration situation in Fighter Factory @(April 21 2005)
Airacobura and Ki-61 Stretching Door Frame Fitting Kawasaki Longerons
Original Radio Access Door Building new Access Door Hien bulkheads
Type 3 fuselage Hien Rear Fuselage Rebuilt Hien
Restoration situation in Fighter Factory @(March 12 2008)
Cockpit left side Camouflage paint Cockpit front
Photos Nick Grinter
Funatsu Aviation Instruments Museum Index

Fighter Factory
The Fighter Factory is a private collection of historical aircraft and not a museum normally open to the
general public. We do allow occasional visits during normal weekday working hours,
but suggest that you telephone before your anticipated arrival.
We hope that you will enjoy and learn from the Fighter Factory's Aircraft recovery and restoration efforts.
Cooperation contents
Parts of various Ki-61.
Drawings or dimensions of the Ki-61 instruments pannel.
Instruments of the Ki-61 used etc.
If there are something contents Please let me know.
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