iKi-61 model 1 restoration project
          Mark of sentai
2nd Co/68th Sentai 1st Co/78th Sentai
Main wing of type 3 fighter
in the hanger
Color of the companies
68th Sentai  HQ:bluish,1st Co:white,2nd Co:red,3rd Co:yellow
78th Sentai  HQ:unkown,1st Co:red,,2nd Co:yellow,3rd:green
The present situation
It was dismantled for recovery in the early 1970's but never collected.
In August of 1999, only the cockpit section remained.
It was removed by the Classic Jet Fighter Museum and is now and is
under restoration
and display.
Ki-61 for about 3 aircrafts was collected from Alexishafen of Papua New Guinea .
They are asserting this body as 68th sentai use aircrafts.
They are searching a necessary part to restore Ki-61s.

Cooperation contents
 Parts of various Ki-61.
 Drawings or dimensions of the Ki-61 instrument pannel.
 Instrument of the Ki-61 used.
 If there are something contents Please let me know.
Funatsu Aviation Instruments Museum
1st type 3 fighter model 1
2nd type 3 fighter model 1
Restoration situation in Fighter Factory

Japanese Army Type 3 model 1 "hei"Fighter
It accumulated in information preservation and the "68th sentai"mark had erased.

Type and weapon of Ki-61 Assigument aircrafts
Type Production
weapon One sentai Possession
assignment aircrafts 40
1st company 12
wing body 2nd company 12
Type 1 "Kou" 113 to 500 Type 98(7.7mm)*2 Type 1(Ho-103)12.7mm*2 3rd company 12
Type 1 "Otu" 501 to ? Type 1(Ho-103)12.7mm*2 Type 1(Ho-103)12.7mm*2 Headquarters 4
Type 1 "Hei" 3001 to 3401 MG151(20mm)*2 Type 1(Ho-103)12.7mm*2 Total 40
Type 1 "Tei" 4001 to 4901 Type 1(Ho-103)12.7mm*2 Ho-5(20mm)*2
Completion of the 1st Ki-61 be in August in 1942, 1381 Ki-61 production by July 1944
Fighters that used with 68th and 78th sentai
68th and 78th sentai was the 1st and 2nd equipment corps of Ki-61,at the beginning model 1 was used.
Large-scale engineer was caused gone to South Pacific.They converted Ki-61 model 1"Kou"and "Otu" into "Hei" (attach MG151)
They sent new Ki-61 and used Ki-43 instead of Ki-61 that wore out. Exhaustion continues.
As for the Ki-61s that is remaining in Rabaul and New Guinea area, there are 5 kinds of Ki-61"Kou","Otu","Hei","Kou that remodeled Hei"
and "Otu that remodeled Hei"