Japanese Airplane Naming and Categorization Conventions

Name of the Japanese army Airplane

1. the "ki-" number is the consistency number that the army aviation headquarters adopted from Showa 8.
2. In the case that reconstruction is performed to an airplane it displayed it as follows.
¦ In the case that engine exchanged it: Model1.Model2
¦ Case of reconstruction of the body:"KAI"
¦ Change and small case of reconstruction of the equipment such as the Installation weapon:"KOU"."OTU"."HEI"
Exceptionally, k-102 like "KOU": Ultrahigh Altitude for, "OTU": Attack for, "HEI": Nighttime Fighter for
3. the name of the engine
¦ In the case that reconstruction and performance changed substantially: Model 1, Model 2
¦ In the case of small reconstruction: "KOU"."OTU"."KAI"
4. in the case of engine(ARMY/NAVY integration name) : "HA-44-12"
¦ HA: the omission of the engine
¦The 1st character
1: series air cooling
2: single line star style air cooling
3: double line star style air cooling 14 cylinder
4: double line star style air cooling 18 cylinder
5: double line star style air cooling 22 cylinder and also many line star style
6: V style Water cooling 12 cylinder
7: Water cooling many cylinder
8: Diesel, 2 cycle ceremonies
9: special usage (back-up or mark)
¦ 2nd character:
The differentiation of cylinder diameter is shown mainly the Even the engine of the same form is able to divide an issue almost with this.
¦ 3rd character: performance and structure use it to the distinction in the time that changed largely.
¦ 4th character: use it to the distinction in the time that a little of the performance and structure changed
5. ive jets and also rocket. Engine
¦ Case of original navy
TR: jet engine
KR: rocket engine
¦ Unification (ARMY/NAVY discussion)
"TU": jet engine
"NE": Turbo-jet
"KA": pulse jet
"TOKU-RO": rocket. Engine
6. the name of various kinds apparatus etc.
"PE": propeller
"HO": Cannon
"TE": machine gun
"TA": Bomba"TA-DAN"
"TO": Bomb"TO-DAN"
"RO": rocket bomb
"GA": gas bomb
"ME": Gun Sight
"RU": supercharger
"RE": tow device
"TAKI": the radar for the machine top

equipments relation
machine gun (Cannon) machine gun (Cannon)
Flight weapon AirplanesBody, Engine, Propeller
Article that belongs the body Surveying Instrument etc.
Equipments "KOU" Bomb drop device, Parachute, Scout equipment
Equipments "OTU" Radio , Photograph

"TOKKOU" to the bomber of B29 etc. in the case of: bomb no, machine gun,
proof against bullet steel plate, radio etc. are eliminated fundamentally.
Case of Type 1 Fighter It does half of a "HO-103" machine gun 2 gate, same ammunition, Sight, radio ,
parachute, methanol and 215.5 kg of reduction
case of Type 2 double engin Fighter I remove a proof against bullet steel plate, radio , oxygen, riding together seat,
and 195 Kg of reduction

Use bomb
Kind Piece The installation body
800 Kg a bomb ~2 Type 4 heavy bombers, Type 97 heavy bombers, Type 100 heavy bombers
~1 Type 100 Recn, ki-102, Type 99 Dual engins Light Bomber
500 Kg a bomb ~1 Type 100 heavy bomber ("KIKUSUI-TAI"), Type 97 Light Bombers,
Type 99 attack Bomber
250 Kg a bomb ~2 Fighters, Type 99 attack Bomber
~1 Type 97 Fighters, Tyoe 99 attack Bomber, Type 98 Recn,
Type 99 high Trainer, Type 2 high Trainer
100 Kg a bomb ~1 Type 95 Trainer,Type 4 during Trainer