Using Production Number to Identify an Indicator

Even the meaning that says that a secret is defended, to that is said well generally as for the production number of inclusion, airplane it itself differs from an actual production number.
It is said that it is same regarding an aviation Indicator.
Even who did not get dark in answer to my question, although even I thought oddly from the front considerably.
Although I try hard to the clarification of question for 10 years the reply as clearness was not obtained.
It is insufficient yet, although the following is the contents that checked up to now.

Army airplane volume
Navy airplane volumes
Army Indicator volumes
Navy Indicator volumes

Foundation data of decoding

Classification Number Explanation
Case of style of the airplane B6N2 B: machine type name , 6: 6th , N: company name , 2: model
Case of engine AE2A A: company name , E: kind , 2: 2nd. A: form (reconstruction)
21345 21: "Sakae" Model 21. 345: production numbers
Model. production numbers
Case of parachute 1612859
(Type 1 parachute "Toku-gata"
 of a production number
16*****: in Showa 16 production
17*****: in Showa 17 production
**12***:12=Type 1 parachute "Toku-gata"
(same as the above)
****859: production number 859th
****434: production number 434th
name of an era: Model Type: order of production number
Case of Ju87 0870119 087: machine type Ju87
119: production number (number 119 machine)
Self-Defense Force case of machine 82-7807 8: delivery fiscal year (in 1958)
2: Type (fighter)
7: machine type (F86)
807: delivery number (number 807 machine)
Others 30001005 3000: Tokyo bearing(Class number of the company)
1005: production number or product name/production number
Order of the company name, product name, production number