The Mitsubishi Airplane Production Company (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.)

Number Factory name Place Classification Production item etc.
Nagoya airplane Ooe Common body
Nagoya engine Common Engine
1 Matsumoto production Matsumoto Common Prototype (REPPUU/Ki-83)
3 Suzuka production Mie Pref. Suzuka-shi Navy Final upgrading (Type 1 Attack Bomber/Type 0 Fighter/RAIDEN/REPPUU/SHUUSUI)
5 Chita factory group Aichi Army Body (Type 4 Heavy Bombers)
Nagano factory group Nagano
7 Mizushima production Kurashiki-shi,Okayama Navy Engine, Type 1 Attack Bomber/SHIDEN-KAI
9 Kumamoto production Army The body (Type 4 Heavy Bomber)
11 Daimon production Imizu,Toyama . Army The body (Type 100 Recon)

MISTUBISHI Mizushima production
Date Article
Showa 16 Construction plan plan of the Mizushima airplane production place
(the demand of the navy by the sea surface of Kurashiki south about 9 km.
Large-scale thing that combines a reclamation factory site, airfield sites, the others and reach about 1,400,000 Tsubo)
Showa 19 Work it causes to related a start, Change to the name of the 7th production place of Mizushima
(the production of Type 1 Attack Bomber Model 34/Model22`27 , SHIDEN-KAI )
February,Showa 19 Type 1 Attack Bomber Model 22 production start
March,Showa 19 REPPUU of the experimental production/test and also early production plan of the gale: Nagoya/Mizushima.
In the case that experimental production does not end by summer, in Showa 19 a/the Mizushima production place carries out
the production of SHIDEN-KAI.
August 4,Showa 19 Production stop of a REPPUU
Mizushima production place be the start of the production preparation of SHIDEN-KAI.
May 11,Showa 20 B29s nighttime bombing
Around June 20, Showa 20 B29~108 bombing
End of the War There is not the body that only the SHIDEN-KAI production preparation (completed. )
With the talk of the friend that engaged
in dismantling work after end of the war,
The airplane that is not finishing in, an airfield (large, there was a small size).
Engine department quality was being produced inside the tunnel of Kamejima mountain.
There was the body of plywood board use.
The engine was incinerated in interval 1 m.
It was told well from the small time, because it is also my local end it is case.
It is expected that it is the following body.
Large Airplane Production in Type 1 Attack Bomber: this factory
Small size Airplane SHIDEN-KAI:KURABO INDUSTRIES , LTD. MASU factory production (end of the war of next morning 1st completion) in the )
Small size Airplane for communication
Airplane of plywood TOUKAI : Prototype 1st Airplane that turned all the tree production With Kurashiki aviation.It is finishing at the time of the end of the war.