Navy Aviation Uniforms

Time Contents
November.Taisho first year `March, Taisho 5 As "outfit" I handle.
April.Taisho 5 thereafter As "clothing" I handle.
September, Showa 9 establishment Serial revision
Supply clothing in that time, in Showa 17 Flying suit (winter, summer) each 1 Aviation cap (winter, summer) each 1 Shoes (winter, summer) each 1
Gloves (winter, summer) each 1 Glasses (winter, summer) each 1 Muffler~1
Life jacket~1 Work shoes (Seaplane, Flying Boat)~1 Monkey and also~1
Class chapter~2 Electric heat clothing (singlet, trousers, inside caps, gloves, socks) each 1
May 23, Showa 19 establishment Electric heat vest~1 Aviation muffler (summer) silk~1
May 24, Showa 20 establishment

(Informal aviation clothing)
1. Aviation omission cap: the aviation cap (summer) and the same type, Brown blue, rubber clothing (black)
2. aviation omission coating: the aviation clothes and the same type, Table Brown blue, back flannel production
3. Gloves: the part of or woolen stuff, pipe be the population skin or rubber clothing
4. Omission shoes: bottom the brown clothing of rubber, person skin or rather thick

Extract from the experimental production photograph collection in that time, in Showa 9

Prototype Flying suit (summer) Prototype Flying suit (winter)
Prototype Flight helmet and Face mask
Prototype Flight gloves and Electric heat gloves
Prototype Electric heat Flying suit(Type Showa 8,Type Armt and Type Showa 7)
Prototype Electric heat Socks Carrying heating

Prototype Life jacket Prototype Flying glasses