Data (Turn and Bank Indicator)

Type 98 Turn and Bank Indicator(ARMY)

left and middle: Tokyo production, right: Tanaka production
Production company/Type Tokyo TypeáT Tokyo TypeáU Company name Unkown Tanaka Type
Dial plate Arrow Long (white coating) Long (uncoating) Long (white coating) Short (white coating)
Guideline The head (long) The same left The same left The head (short)
Glass pipe Central 4 pieces at night a/the line paint The same left The same left No
Steel ball Black/silver color The same left The same left Black
Screw Four pieces The same left The same left Eight pieces
Dial plate letter (small) The same left The same left The same point
After pipe department screw Black The same left The same left Silver color
Air stream entrance department Slit small The same left The same left Large
Filter small small Large: disk style small
Use airplane type

(Photograph by particular)
Type 4 heavy bombers Type 100 Scout planeáU It is not possible be special Type 2Twin-engined Fighters
Type 99 Twin Engine Light Bomber
Model 2 "OTU"
Type 5 Fighters Type 3 Fighter
Type 1 Fighters
Type 4 Fighters
Ki-102 "OTU"
Conjecture Mitubishi/Nakashima/Kawasaki Mitubishi/Kawasaki Kawasaki
Although it is conjecture the company which delivers an Indicator every an airplane production company, probably was being decided?
Ā¶ company name indistinct Indicator is judged as Tokyo aviation Indicator stock production from a/the characteristic. Moreover, filter department the disk style talking about
Ā¶ Besides I do not see the example. This Indicator is judged as the early period style.

Turn and Bank Indicator Model 2 (NAVY)

left : Tanaka production, right : Tokyo production
Production company/Type Tanaka pTypeáT Tanaka Type áU Tokyo TypeáT Tokyo TypeáU
Epitaph board Dial plate New writing style plate absence Old writing style Old writing style
Production time No August, Showa15 April, Showa17
Dial plate Right and left letter A less small! the point of than Tokyo I decide a little larger it than Tanaka and the that point
Central "T" Luminous paint Luminous paint White paint White paint
Glass pipe Black The copper color Black The copper color
Central position There is light at night There is light at night At night light no There is light at night
Steel ball Black Black Silver color Black
Air stream entrance department Slit Small, smooth Small, roundness Small Small
Others Finish rough
Note Tanaka production: Tanaka aviation Indicator Co. Inc. Tokyo production: Tokyo aviation Indicator Co. Inc.
TanakaáU is judged as the Tanaka product from a characteristic, although the plate is absent.