Japanes Army Gunsights (Incomplete)

Name Usage Method Use Airplane type Note

Type 89 Gun sight

Fighter Telescope Type 97 Recn
Type 97 Fighter

Type 1 Fighter model 1
Type 2 Fighter model 1

Type 100 early
Type 100 Gun sight
Fighter Reflector Type 1 Fighter model 2
Type 2 Fighter model 2
Type 2 Twin-engineds Fighter

Type3 Fighter model 1

Oigee? Gunsight
Improvement of Oigee? Gunsight and adopted it as Type 100 Gunsight.
Type 100 early medel small pad ,Type 100 letter model big pad.

Type 100 latter model
Type 2 "KOU"Model 1 Gunner
Reflector Type 100 Heavy Bomber
Type 4 Heavy Bomber

Type 3 Gun sight
Fighter Reflector Type 3 Fighter model 1 and Model 2
Type 4 Fighter
Type 5 Figther
Type 100 Recn medel 3
Type 4 Heavy Bombers Gunner


(It is NavyType 3
small Gunsight)
Gun sight for Ho-204 Unkown Reflector Type 100 Recn medel 3 "Kai"

Type 88 Bombing sight
Type 88 Model 1 Bombing sight Bomber
Type 88 Model 2 Bombing sight Type 97 Heavy Bomber medel 2
Type 99 Right Bomber
Type 88 Model 3 Bombing sight Bomber
Type 93 Heavy Bomber
Type 93 Right Bomber
Type 97 Heavy Bomber
Type 98 Right Bomber
Type 99 Right Bomber

Type 100 Heavy Bomber
Type 1 Trainer
Type 88 Model 4 Bombing sight Type 4 Heavy Bomber

Auto Bombing sight
Bomber Telescope Prototype?
Photograph no Bombing sight Bomber Machine Type 93 Heavy Bomber,Type 93 Right Bomber
Photograph no Bombing sight Model 2 Bomber Machine Type 99 Right Bomber,Type 100 Heavy Bomber
Type 99 Bombing sight Bomber Reflector Type 4 Heavy Bomber
Bombing sight Dive Machine Type 99 Assault Plane
Besides the Gunsight etc. under experimental production and also research

Photograph: the NORUDEN BomberSight(Navy Type)
Type 4 Automatic Bombing sight In February, in Showa 19 completion.
Imitation of the NORUDEN sight for B25.
It is not able to mass-produce it.
Type 1 Model 2 Bombing sight Type 4 improved models.
In 20 end of the war to official adoption, practical use.
Model 10 Bombing sight Ki-74 Performance improvement style of NORUDEN
Photograph no Model 11 Bombing sight In October, in Showa 19 examination completion
Photograph no X-101
Photograph no Gunsight for ki-109 ki-109 Promotion of a performance improvement