Gun sights

It is thought that a Telescope(OEG) begin to be used when it was Type 91 fighters and probably this sight was domestic production.

The production company was a Tomioka optic machine production place and was producing the sight etc. of a cannon in addition. It is made of the Tomioka optic in all of an army and navy.

Japan is getting Ju88, Fw190, Bf109, Me210, He100 etc. Ju87A-2 that the Japanese army imported from Germany in Showa 13 to, start.

The sight of Revi-2b, ReviC/12 C, ReviC/12D etc. were attached to those bodies. Also, I should be obtaining it after that regarding a Revi16 sight. The sight of Japan is receiving the influence of the sight of Germany fairly. However, the influence of the sight of the Allied Forces, especially America are big in the war last stage.

Germany Japanes Army Japanes Navy Remarks
Japanes Navy Type 98 GunSight of the navies that are the copy of the Revi-2b Gunsight of Germany and the improvement of the protection etc. is donet, after that.

Japanes Army Type 100 GunSight of the navies that are the copy of the Oigee Gunsight of Germany.
Revi-2b Type 100 Type 98
Although the photograph is ReviC/12D as for the differences with 12C that the up reduction lever of the shading filter extending long to the front on the appearance is ReviC/12C.

Navy Type 4 GunSight eliminates a part and be the copy of ReviC/12C/12D.
Army Type 3 GunSight rmies the form of the appearance (sight main body) is different about the GunSight.
ReviC/12D Type 3 Type 4

GunSight that Japanese Army was used (Incompleteness)

GunSight that Japanese Navy was used (Incompleteness)

GunSight that Germany LF was used (Incompleteness)

GunSight that U.S.Army was used (Incompleteness)

GunSight that U.S.Navy was used (Incompleteness)

GunSight that England RAF was used(Incompleteness)

GunSight that U.S.Army and Navy was used to Korean War (Incompleteness)